Act today and you are going to get your hands on the book that totally revolutionized the poor and failing health of a 76 y.o. woman on various drugs and with multiple diseases. Today at 84 she is drug-free, disease-free and enjoying a vibrant, active, healthy life! Listen to her interview at this link.

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New York

"I've studied health and nutrition for more than 46 years, and have accumulated hundreds of books on the subject, but I'd recommend reading the 'Heavenly Handbook for Health' before looking at any other." This book has the potential to be a block buster. With that said, perhaps you will let me promote it to see that it gets the attention it deserves. Erick Frenke  NYC
- Erick


I am blown away by your book and am in awe of all the information contained therein..almost too much to assimilate at a sitting and I even know most of this but choose to ignore it sometimes. I love that you back up your assertions with facts/charts/etc. but if one uses her heart and spirit, she will know the truth. I know your heart and intentions and that is why I endorse your work. I have been trying (and it's very trying) to eat/do what I know is healthy and I feel better. I can't wait to get the magnesium and wheatgrass tabs and really soar.
- Darla


Dear Brother Elijah, I read most of the book, enough to know that you are telling the truth. I work with a natural wellness company called FREE-MART. You are cordially invited to become a member. My testimony ... I turned 76 this year (2015). I take no prescription drugs, no over the counter drugs. I have none of the health problems of men half my age. In fact, I have no health problems at all. I never even feel bad. I would like for you and the CEO of FREE-MART, Mr. John Austin, to get acquainted. I believe your book would be a best seller for our company.
- Mike


I like your introduction. It absolutely makes you want to read more. I’d like to go and throw in many people’s faces your chapter on c4ncer, plaster it on billboards and shove it down people’s throats…. I’ve always told my friends that I believe there have been kyures for c4ncer for decades, but “fighting” c4ncer is too big a money maker to actually kyure it.
- Perri


This is not a book. This is THE BOOK. The author put in it a treasure of invaluable information that help us understand how the people kill themself with the help of government and lack of knowledge. It is THE BOOK I will pay money to give as gift to my best friends. THE BOOK I like for my own family to have THE BOOK along side the Bible. Everyone should have it in house. More than this is an income source thanks to the affiliate program!! One invaluable gain of knowledge followed by income gain. Thank you Elijah for THE BOOK. Thank you for sharing this precious life-saving knowledge with us!
- Carmen

kissimmee FL

- Jerome Griffin

Arizona USA

A vast work of health knowledge recommended to everyone!
- Clare


No one needs to die of cancer. I helped on a program 40 consecutive cases completely reversed before it got shut down. All it takes is oxygen.
- Clinton Bashore


Hello sir. Thank you for sending me your awesome book. I have been using the information in the book to care for my elderly mother and she is showing many signs of improving. I am so grateful for you and for this book! Please keep in touch if you can and if not I will contact you again in the future. Sincerely, James B
- James


You’ve seen them on bookshelves for every topic….Mythology for Idiots, Astrology for Idiots and on and on…..Heavenly Handbook of Health is the simplification, unraveling of myths and clarification of all that poisons our otherwise healthy systems…..Basic Health for Idiots! A must read and reference for every household!!!!!!
- Cathy


My testimony... I turned 79 this year (2018). I take no prescription drugs, no over the counter drugs. I have none of the health problems of men half my age. In fact, I have no health problems at all. I never even *feel* bad. I'm a firm believer in God's natural wellness plan. The Heavenly HandBook of Health should be in everyone's library.
- Mike Farris


I would highly recommend the Heavenly Handbook of Health as a refreshing recall to a forgotten foundation: water and its importance to our body. I worked with Elijah previously on a different book. I found that the Handbook is written in a positive and informative light. The book introduces attainable lifestyle changes and the ease to incorporate best practices into daily living in order to realize optimal health. I feel more aware of what is going on with my current imbalance and am looking forward to helping my body in the aging process to be more healthy and aware. Glad again to have reconnected and with intention, going to move forward in purchasing tinctures and other available supplements. Thank you again
- Dana P

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